Laundry Service at VCE

The state-of-the-art linen processing facility with the capacity to process 10+ million pounds annually. Experienced in hospital and hospitality industries. OSHA compliancy includes infection control procedures. Member of the Association for Linen Management. VCE's Laundry Service is available for pick-up or delivery and very competitively priced. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed! Our mission is to reduce recidivism by providing job training, instilling transferable job skills and a positive work-ethic in a real work environment.

Why should you outsource? Bulk washing is the most cost efficient means of washing, usually for pennies per pound. Overall your spending is far less than owning and servicing your own equipment. Large commercial wash loads are far more energy efficient, better for our environment. Commercial washing is fast, turnarounds in as little as a couple of days. Special packing and packaging to par level specifications. Rag out & stain sort. OSHA compliant in infection control procedures. Sanitation methods safely remove pathogens, restoring linen to hygienic service.

Current customers include:
     • Hospital & Nursing Facilities
     • Universities and Schools
     • State, Local & Federal Government Agencies
     • Non-profit Organizations
     • Sheltered Workshops

Products cleaned:
     • Tablecloths
     • Mops/Rags
     • Bedding
     • Lab Coats
     • Clothing
     • Walk Off Matts


To learn more about our services, download our brochure

VCE “Clean Team” Contacts

  • Plant Manager Gary Goode 804.834.4089 / 834-2678 x41650
  • General Manager Jamone Rose 804.314-3304

All Laundry Services have moved to Sussex II State Prison. This move does not impact the current services we provide. If you have any questions about our Laundry services please contact Gary Goode at 804-834-4089.

The brochures were just delivered by UPS, Just one week after asking for the quote! You guys are the BEST and the brochures look wonderful. Thank you ever so much!! Looking forward to our next business transaction.