About VCE

VCE is a self-supporting agency established by the general assembly over 75 years ago to employ inmatesVCE's Mission in Virginia’s correctional system. We purchase our own equipment and supplies and employ a staff of over 160 Virginians. VCE's job-training programs have had a major impact in helping Virginia post the lowest re-incarceration rate in the country for the third consecutive year at 23.4%.

VCE FY2015 Recidivism Report

VCE job training programs are voluntary and inmates interview to be accepted. The job skills and experience gained from VCE programs enable inmates a greater chance of finding a job after release.

The VCE inmate workforce, staff and entire organization are dedicated to producing quality items and services made in Virginia at competitive prices with industry-leading warranties, to both delight our customers and fulfill our worthy mission.

Examples of our products and services range from the ergonomic chairs in the offices of thousands of state and federal employees, to the linens at a major Virginia teaching hospital, which are washed, cleaned and delivered by VCE. You can see examples of our work at most major universities, lobbies of public buildings, state parks and state buildings. If you’re in a public school, you might see a large format textbook we printed for visually impaired students. We’re even in places you don’t see, restoring old blueprints into new, readable quality.

VCE products are constructed with pride and established industry certifications and standards, all while generating the hard and soft skills for our inmate staff to renter into society and gain meaningful employment.


Thank You for your support! VCE Delivers!

Please make an appointment to visit the VCE showroom to experience the full range of products & services we offer, speak to a VCE sales rep and truly experience the important mission we fulfill.

Virginia Correctional Enterprises
8030 Whitebark Terrace
North Chesterfield, VA 23237

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